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What should we pay attention to when using safety ropes

2021-12-07 09:49:09

Safety rope is one of the important protective articles used to protect the personal safety of high-altitude and high-altitude workers. The correct use of safety rope is one of the important measures to prevent High-altitude Falling casualties of high-altitude workers and ensure personal safety. Therefore, understanding the correct use method of safety rope is of great significance to protect the personal safety of workers.

1. Avoid contact of safety rope with chemicals. The safety rope shall be stored in a place away from light, cool and free of chemical substances. Rope bags shall be used to store the safety rope as far as possible.

2. If the safety rope reaches one of the following conditions, it shall be scrapped: ① the outer layer is damaged in a large area or the rope core is exposed; ② Continuous use for more than 300 times (including); ③ The outer layer is stained with oil stains and flammable chemical residues that cannot be removed for a long time, which affects the service performance; ④ The inner layer (stressed layer) is seriously damaged and cannot be repaired; ⑤ More than 5 years of service.

3. After each use of the safety rope (or visual inspection once a week), the safety inspection shall be carried out. The inspection contents include: whether there is scratch or serious wear, whether there is corrosion and serious discoloration by chemical substances, whether there is thickening, thinning, softening and hardening, and whether the rope package is seriously damaged.

4. It is strictly prohibited to drag the safety rope on the ground and do not step on the safety rope. Dragging and stepping on the safety rope will cause gravel to grind the surface of the safety rope, resulting in accelerated wear of the safety rope.

5. It is forbidden to scrape and cut the safety rope with sharp edges and corners. When any part of the load-bearing safety rope is in contact with the edges and corners of any shape, it is very easy to wear and may lead to the fracture of the safety rope. Therefore, if the safety rope is used where there is a risk of friction, the safety rope pad and corner guard wheel must be used to protect the safety rope.

The safety rope for high-altitude operation shall be leveled and not twisted during use. The three-point waist safety belt shall be tied as low as possible, and shall be tied at the hip as far as possible, not at the waist; The shoulder safety belt should not be placed under the arm and should be hung obliquely in front of the chest. Each time the safety rope is used, it must be visually inspected. During use, it must also be inspected. It must be tested once within half a year to ensure that the main components are not damaged. If any damage or deterioration is found, report it in time and stop using it to ensure operation safety.


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