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Safety rope

Safety rope

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  • Date of issue:2022-02-16 18:07:43
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1. Ordinary safety rope, made of nylon, etc.

2. The live working safety rope is made of silk, moisture-proof silk, dinima and DuPont silk.

3. High strength safety rope, made of dinima, DuPont wire and high strength wire.

4. Special safety rope, such as fire safety rope, is made of 4.3mm steel wire rope with fiber skin outside; The materials of marine anti-corrosion safety rope are dinima, paster and high molecular polyethylene; The material of high temperature resistant rope safety rope is Kevlar, which can operate normally for a long time in the range of - 196 ℃ to 204 ℃. The shrinkage at 150 ℃ is 0, and it does not decompose or melt at 560 ℃; Heat shrinkable sleeve safety rope, the inner core is synthetic fiber rope, and the outer skin is heat shrinkable sleeve, which is anti-wear and waterproof.


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