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Safety belt

Safety belt

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According to different operation and wearing types, it can be divided into full body safety belt and half body safety belt:

1. Full body hasty harness, that is, the safety belt wraps the whole body and is equipped with multiple suspension points at the waist, chest and back. It can generally be disassembled into a half body safety belt and a chest safety belt. The application of full body safety belt is to enable rescuers to operate in a "head down" way. Second, there is no need to consider the slippage of safety belt. For example, in deep well rescue, rescuers need to go "head down" deep and close to the trapped people.

2. Half body harness (half body harness), that is, the harness only covers the half of the body (generally the lower body, but like a chest harness, it is used for the protection of the upper body). Its application range is relatively narrow compared with the whole body safety belt, which is generally used for "seat suspension".

The parameters of the safety belt are working tension (WS) and bursting tension (BS).


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