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Application method of wire rope fall arrester

2021-12-07 09:49:09

The rope is a kind of traction device that can be used by the user to prevent the rope from falling. When the rope is put down at high altitude, the rope can be pulled firmly by the ratchet, and the rope can not be pulled out by the user.

Pay attention to the following aspects when using the fall arrester:

1. The main rope of anti falling device for high-altitude operation must be correctly selected, and mixed use is strictly prohibited. The self-locking device must be installed correctly, and the roller (warped part) is on the upper part.

2. Before installing the fall arrester, please exit the safety screw and exit the pawl and roller assembly in a counterclockwise direction according to the opening direction of the pawl shaft. After installing the main rope, install it clockwise according to the opening direction.

3. After the main rope is installed, the upper and lower flexibility of the self-locking device shall be checked. If the self-locking device cannot slide flexibly, the half tension spring can be adjusted appropriately. And try locking for 1 ~ 3 times to ensure the locking function If any abnormality is found, it must be stopped; And contact the factory (within one-year service life), and it is strictly prohibited to load, unload and repair without permission.

4. When using the fall arrester for high-altitude operation, check the safety rope and appearance, and try to lock it for 2 ~ 3 times (try locking method: pull out the safety rope at normal speed and make a "click" sound; pull the safety rope hard and lock it. When you let go, the safety rope of the fall arrester shall be automatically recovered into the device. If the safety rope cannot be fully recovered, just pull out some safety ropes slightly). Stop using if there is any abnormality.

5. When using the anti falling rope, the user must hang it on the blunt structure above. The sealed aluminum gold shell fall arrester is a new product due to the change of speed. The anti ratchet double disc brake system can effectively control the uncontrolled falling of human body.

7. After one year of use, 1 ~ 2 self-locking devices with large wear shall be selected and subjected to free fall impact test with 80kg weight. If there is no abnormality, this batch can continue to be used for 3 months. After that, the test shall be conducted every 3 months according to the use. Products that have been tested or impacted by heavy objects shall not be used.


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